Morning musings

Good morning and welcome back to the weight room, where you better make sure you have a good spotter before you start to trade.

The markets are up a bit this morning and all eyes on the Apple conference today. is down which they always do when they’re about to release a big new product. I’m not going to try to game how the stock might or might not react to whatever product might or might not be announced today with whatever features might or might not be included in that product and whether the market will immediately love the concept or hate it…Apple remains my biggest position and I’m willing to let it ride for now.

Cypress missed in its earnings release but the stock has barely moved today, in large part because it had already faded lower. I’ve not got a big position in this one or a high rating for it and I’ve not traded it at all in months. I’m disappointed in the company’s performance here in a market where they should be selling so many chips for these Android as well as probably the many new Microsoft handsets that it looks to me like it’s a company specific execution issue.  I’ve got a call into the management so I’ll let you know how it goes after I talk to them and try to get some answers.