Must-reads: Google, Amgen, Bubbles, Energy, and Western Civ

Here’s what I reading and thinking about when I wasn’t putting out all the fires that Monday morning, that pyromaniac, lit to start off this week.

Some interesting factoids and analysis on Google – “Does anyone realize that GOOG is actually lower than where it was in October of 2008 when the financial madness had already started with Lehman’s bankruptcy. GOOG has more than doubled its revenues and earnings since that time. Just saying.”

How to trade Amgen – The  Finance Professor lays out his Amgen trading strategy as he tells his class that Amgen’s committing a “major faux pas”. I agree with the latter part.

Bubbles are Easy to Spot – Fascinating and cut-throat analysis that every investor really should read, print out and think about. And then read it again next year and next year and next year. David Merkel’s one of the best portfolio strategists in the world, and this is one of his all-time best works.  Read it.

How to play big oil and get a 9% dividend and Get in on the natural gas boom – Reader asked me last week about investing in natural gas and I told him the best trade might be a long NatGas/short BigOil pair trade.

Western Civ day on Wall St. – “Western Civ Day”?! Try Western Civ year on Wall Street. Romans and Greeks dominate the financial headlines for the first time in centuries. Let them default, enforce every contract as is and prosecute every financial crime. But no, we live in a crude times to this day. Think about Apple’s place in history. And Wells Fargo. Think about how we’ll think about them in twenty years. In fifty years.  These kinds of themes of Revolution Investing are the important.