My entire speech from the Apple Investor Summit (with sound too!)

Let’s try this again. Apparently, when they uploaded the video the first time, it didn’t upload all the audio. Sorry about that.

Here’s the full speech I gave at the 2012 Apple Investor Summit where I was sandwiched in between keynote speakers, Steve Wozniak (the co-founder of Apple) and Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs’ biographer). I broke my speech down into three parts.

The first part of the speech is all about the importance of the Apple eco-system and how the eco-system is key to Apple’s future.

Apple’s built a platform for the iOS and the Mac and the iPhone and iPad and they are cleaner and easier to use than anybody else’s (read: Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows/xBox, RIMM’s latest platform building attempts, Amazon’s Kindle/retail platform, etc).

That platform has attracted so many developers and so many consumers that it’s hit critical mass. That attraction of both developers and consumers becomes a positive feedback loop as more consumers come to the platform because more developers are creating products and apps for that platform. As the platform’s base of users and developers grows, Apple’s clout with content providers (read: Hollywood shows and movies, mainstream media news, etc) grows. And as consumers buy Apple-supplied content and products, some of which only work on other-Apple-based products, the consumers become locked in to Apple.

Watch the speech for much more detail and explanation of these concepts and how the apply to Apple and why they are so important to the future of Apple’s stock.

I then go into a discussion of Apple’s financials and why I’ve been saying for two years now that I expect to see the stock hit a $1000 price target. In the speech, I change my time horizon for the $1000 price target from 2015 to next year — 2013.

And then I really hit the audience — Apple investors, all of them, as this was the inaugural Apple Investor Summit — as I go through the biggest risks to Apple’s stock and the single biggest risk to Apple’s business prospects in the years ahead. You’ll have to watch the video to find them out.

Finally, there’s about ten minutes of Q&A — you might want to fast forward past the first questioner, as he sort of rambles on and the audience grows restless before I finally get him off the mike, but there are some great questions and back and forth at the end of the video too. You even see Walter Isaacson make a cameo as he moves up to the front row during the Q&A. To watch the video, click on the link below and enter the password: h42Rtz8HJ

Cody Willard at the 2011 Apple Investor Summit, 38:35
‘Wake up call for Apple investors’