On platinum, copper, silver and solid gold, baby!…

Couple quick notes.

I’ve arranged a deal with WallStreetAllStars.com to get all of you guys subscribing to TradingWithCody.com a one month free trial to a Platinum Membership.  And because I also negotiated a deal that they’ll give you two months every year free — the last month of the first year too.   You can sign up by clicking here.  Subscribe and they’ll automatically rebate you the first month.

Thought I’d share this email with you guys before the weekend.  I’ll send out my latest positions sometime this weekend.

Cody, I don’t know how you do it.  You called the copper decline in one of your chats a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t jump on that as I should.  I did get on the SLV puts a couple of weeks ago.  Bought a December 29 put for 45 cents on 9/9.  Sold it today for $3.00.  This is the fourth option in which I have more than doubled my investment from following your action.  Don’t ever go away. Sarah

Sarah, Congrats on the great trading!   Four doubles — that’s solid gold, baby!  Thanks for kind words reading and thanks for subscribing.