One of the important assets in the portfolio right now

It’s a flat trading pulse out there this morning, with the markets just beating back and forth around unchanged on the day. Path of least resistance is most likely down for now, and it could get slippery before the trading day is entirely over.

I saw some wild, shocking, unbelievable headlines this morning that explained the entire action of thousands of publicly traded stocks by millions of investors today:

Oh wait, it might be a little trickier than that, no?  Take a look at this RSS Markets Feed over the last week:

Can you imagine trying to game/trade/understand those headlines? Stay focused people. The bottom line is that we have indeed had a huge run in these markets and especially in our portfolios in the last few weeks and while we might still get a Santa Claus rally into year end, we’re not exactly post-Txgiving yet, you know? Patience remains one of the most important assets in the portfolio right now.