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Good morning and welcome back to the pancake factory, where it’s a very thin pancake that doesn’t have two sides and more to the point this morning, flip flopping seems to be a way of life.

Read this headline:

European stocks fall on Greece deficits, euro slumps

Oh, wait, that was from ten days ago when the Nasdaq was more than 12% lower than its current quote.

Here’s today’s headline:

Nasdaq Up 3%: Stocks Rally on European Pledge to Help Banks

You guys remember what I was writing back when the markets were panicking and we were buying and preaching to look past whatever they wanted you to panic over at the time?

Now, we’ back to what’s probably a more “normal” trading level, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have another scare turn into a panic sometime in the next few weeks too.  And the more these stocks have run into their respective earnings reports, the higher the bar gets set for the reports. I’m still much more of a bull than a bear, but let’s realize that a 12% five day run in the stock market isn’t a norm either.