Revolution Investing Links: Tech trader almost runs into a bear and other must-reads

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about as earnings season heads into a TV timeout for the weekend. – The single best website for Apple traders and a heckuva neat twist on social networking all in one site.You absolutely have to go through the free registration process to see how the site connects you to other Apple traders and investors with similar styles and approaches of your own. Full disclosure — I liked the site so much I merged my own website with it.

Drought expands throughout USA– I wonder if we’re truly about to enter a period when water becomes increasingly valuable in this country. Or could Mother Nature throw us all a curve ball and this summer and the next few years are wildly wet for the US? Or will new technologies rapidly create new fresh water/recycled water supplies if the price of water actually increases in such a manner? Best ways to invest in a future of scarce water? I’m open to suggestions to get started.

Weekly Sector Update: TIme to buy Health Care? – I’ve been told by a little birdie that you’ll soon be able to find some of Jeff Miller’s excellent ETF and markets analysis here on Marketwatch very soon. In the meantime, his latest take on health care’s investment and trading set up are must-reads.

See Cody’s Fantasy Earnings Trader picks! and Strategies for earnings season – Adtran’s 5% pop got me off to a great start and then I jumped from #282 to #22 out of nearly 2000 competitors in this season’s Fantasy Earnings Trader picks because I had picked INFY as a short. INFY’s down 13% this morning. Somebody explain to me why I didn’t do either of those two trades in my personal account for real money? I’ve already made my picks for next week. Have you?

Ways Google earns money off you – As I told my subscribers at this morning, “Well, as I’d worried might happen, the markets are not rewarding Google’s quarter and the subsequent analyst number bumps with a rally. We got the analyst notes we were looking for. But the stock is down 3% this morning. The markets themselves are also down pretty sharply despite a good night of earnings reports and a round of strong bank earnings reports this morning too. We can’t force the market to respond how we want them to, so let’s not be forcing any trades right now. Let me repeat: Do not force any trades here until we get a better “feel” for how earnings are being responded to by the markets. You can’t game randomness. The Google calls I bought yesterday are down about 20% or so today and I’m likely to add to them at some point when the stock stabilizes a bit, as they give me a few months still to pay off and I’m as confident as ever about Google’s next couple years after working on my analysis on the stock all night. Can’t rush it though — do not force trades!”

Texting Guy Almost Runs into a Bear – Could be a headline about tech investors at any point in the last couple years: “Tech trader almost runs into a bear market!”

Pink Slime’ Disaster for U.S. Meat Innovator – Sorry to pile onto the Pink Slime meatmarket so late in the game, but this headline just stood out to me for the very reason that it actually uses the term, “MEAT INNOVATOR”. Dude, I love innovation and I love meat, but I do not want my meat being innovated upon. Unbelievable that such a company exists in this country at all with all the supposed health concerns and protections from the Republican/Democrat Regime’s food regulators. (See Federal Reserve and 2008 Banking Crisis for more on how well our regulators are doing.)

Bill Black: Green Slime Drives Our Financial Crises – Bill Black was on my TV show a few times. I have a total man-crush on him. He’s painted as a “liberal” I think. I find his theories and remarks to be as conservative as they come. Oh wait, I can’t tell the difference between liberal and conservative. All I know is Bill Black ALWAYS makes sense.