Rinse and repeat trades

If you’re really hungry for a trade other than investing in revolutionary tech companies and shorting welfare companies, then he’s what I’d be looking at —

Given that the market is likely to be much more rangebound in the next few weeks than most every other trader out there (bulls expect a huge Santa Claus rally while the bears expect a EU-inspired crash), the best way to trade such a scenario is by capturing the premium that the call and put buyers are paying up for right now — that is, look at shorting options in two different ways:

Short puts on big down days like today.

Short calls on big up days like Friday.

Rinse repeat.

Or just steadily follow our longer-term playbook and work the longs and shorts slowly but surely. Buy some tech stocks today, but know you’ll be scaling into more on future weakness too.  Short some welfare companies the next time we have a big pop.

Rinse repeat.