Sandisk takes a hit

Sandisk is down 9% this morning after the company warned that they’d miss their topline estimate by about 5% this quarter. That has left the Street and even yours truly surprised this morning though it really doesn’t change anything about our Sandisk investment. We know that the company will see ups and downs and that they’ll miss a quarter or two sometimes when the price of Flash memory isn’t as good as they’d expected. But the company is still one of the cheapest stocks in tech and got cheaper today as analyst estimates haven’t gone down nearly as much as the stock. That said, this is twice in the last couple months that Sandisk has indicated some weakness in their business and I’m putting this one on probation for now. I’ve got Sandisk calls and a little bit of Sandisk common stock that I’d bought recently. Am just holding them and am angry at myself for seeing the losses in it today. Mea culpa.

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