Selling the last of the Akamai calls

It’s Christmas week, heading into a three-day Christmas weekend (no markets Monday) and we’ve got a bit of a rally on our hands today. FIO’s continuing its wildly volatile ways, now up nearly 20% from its recent lows which brings it back to where it was this time last week and which means its still down nearly 40% from its recent highs and nearly double its 52-week low.  Told you this one would be volatile. Holding both my common and calls in this one steady.

Meanwhile, we did get a bit of an early Christmas gift from the markets, as our remaining Akamai calls are up 150% plus today, as the stock itself is up 17%.  Remember when we sold half and held the other half of our Akamai calls steady (Market update and time to lock in half the Akamai gains).

I’m selling the rest of the Akamai calls now, locking in some big gains.

I hear those sleigh bells ringing a dingling dingling dingling ring.