So, just a heads up…

Good morning and welcome back to the jello-dome.  Breadth is down sharply once again this morning, with two stocks down for every one that’s up in the broader markets.  But with Google, LPS and a couple others working our way this morning, we’re up a bit.   I’m continuing to sell down my biggest long positions just a bit to free up a little capital, lock in some big, quick gains and to generally catch my breath.  Matter of fact, I haven’t missed a single day of market action since I launched nearly five months ago and I’m going to take Thursday and Friday off this week to go fly fishing with my father in Colorado.   So, just a heads up, btw, there will be no on Thursday or Friday this week.

LPS is down 2%, which is nice because it’s at new lows and that’s increasing our profitability in this short yet again.  But it’s not going to get me to increase this position’s size right now.  With the stock barely down on this big re-financing deal, we might get a chance to build it up some more yet.

And for the trades, specifically, I’m selling about 10-20% of these longs as I mentioned yesterday when I started the selling:

  • Sandisk
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Cypress
  • Nuance
  • Apple

One other note this morning.  We have indeed implemented a new blast email system for you guys who read these updates via email.  The company’s called aWeber.  Send an email if you’re having any problems or if you’ve got any questions customer service can help you with.