The AI Revolution Ain't Nothing Compared To The Robotics Revolution

The AI Revolution Ain't Nothing Compared To The Robotics Revolution
ChatGPT's vision for humanoid robots doing work without humans even being around.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an epiphany.

The AI Revolution is actually all about The Robotics Revolution.

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Remember when the Internet Revolution hit in the late 1990s and by the year 2000, any company with a dot com in their name was worth tens of billions of dollars? A lot of folks remember and Webvan bubbling and then crashing, but few people remember when K-Tel, the company that made the infomercials peddling album compilations of bad music that Gen Xers grew up watching, became and the stock went from $2 to $60.

Two years later, the stock was at 11 cents on its way to zero.

Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hits!
A K-Tel CD collection of bad disco music.

The reason those stocks bubbled like they did was because most everybody could see that the Internet was going to Revolutionize how the world bought, sold, communicated, worked, lived, etc. They weren't wrong! Today, people buy their pet food from, households get their groceries delivered from the local grocery store by Instacart and listen to music on Spotify. Getting a "dot com" URL wasn't hard, in fact that was the most commoditized part of the process of building...