The AI Revolution Continues To Develop

The AI Revolution Continues To Develop

First off, we will do this week’s Live Q&A Chat today as usual at 3:00 pm ET in the Chat Room or you can just email us at

Markets are trying to bounce and there’s a possibility that they go full-on MOASS (mother of all short squeezes) if they don’t fade into the close today. We’re doing very little trading today so far.

Bryce and I have been working steadily on learning everything there is to know about investing in The AI Revolution by meeting weekly with an AI expert friend of mine who’s been in the AI field for more than 25 years. Yes, you read that correctly. And we also have been meeting regularly with other people who work on AI, including one of the leaders on Google’s AI team. And we read everything we can get our hands on about The AI Revolution too.

It’s fun when AI blows your mind. Just today, ChatGPT released its image recognition update and it’s pretty wild. Bryce took a picture of me at my computer a few minutes ago and asked ChatGPT to tell him what I was doing and it sure could. Here’s what it came up with:

It knew that Bryce works at a hedge fund and it apparently used that information to help determine what was in the picture he submitted to it.

And here’s what it produced when Bryce took a picture of our white board where we had been drawing a diagram of how AI is distributed over the Internet:

Although it didn’t get all of it correct (partly because Bryce’s and my handwriting on the white board is not perfect), but it’s pretty amazing what it told us about the image:

The provided image is a handwritten diagram on a whiteboard. It appears to be a conceptual flowchart or mind map detailing some kind of technical process or system related to data processing, computing, and possibly financial instruments or companies. Here’s a breakdown based on the visible elements:

  1. TSLA (Tesla):
    • Listed with ‘Nash’, ‘Dojo’, and ’01’, ’02’ with ‘NVDA/NVME’ under it. This may indicate some association or data flow with Tesla’s Dojo, which is a supercomputer developed by Tesla for training neural networks.
    • ‘Nash’ could refer to a concept or a related technology, but without more context, its exact implication is unclear.
    • Several model numbers are listed: H100, P100. These likely refer to NVIDIA’s GPU models which are often used in high-performance computing and AI training. The ‘NVME’ next to it may refer to NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), a protocol for accessing high-speed storage media.
  3. DATA & LLM:
    • The central theme seems to be about data processing and handling. ‘DATA’ is prominently displayed with links to ‘Snow’ (potentially Snowflake, a cloud data platform) and ‘LLM’.
    • ‘LLM’ could be a reference to a specific technology, process, or even a shorthand for a larger concept within the depicted system.
  4. Geographical Elements:
    • There are references to ‘NM’ (possibly New Mexico), ‘Europe’, ‘Africa’. These might indicate data centers, clients, or locations where certain processes take place.
  5. Infrastructure and Processes:
    • Words like ‘Hyper-scaler’, ‘High Compute Power’, ‘Lots of Storage’, ‘Latency’, ‘Decision Making’, ‘Interference on Device’, and ‘Inference/Compute’ suggest considerations regarding infrastructure, computation power, data processing, and decision-making capabilities.
  6. Interactions with the Client:
    • Phrases like ‘Zooming in’, ‘Direct Response’, and ‘Reference the EIE’ might describe the way the system or process interacts with end-users or clients.

Overall, this diagram appears to represent a complex system or workflow related to data processing, computing infrastructure, possibly in relation to financial modeling or investment strategies involving companies like Tesla and NVIDIA. However, without more specific context or detailed descriptions, certain interpretations are speculative. Would you like to delve deeper into any particular aspect of this diagram?

Cody back writing now….Obviously, we just started playing with this new image recognition feature and we will be playing with it further in coming days and weeks and will let you know how it goes.

How long before we can upload the short novel I wrote back in 1998 and tell an AI program to make a movie out of it? Not more than two or three years, probably.

The AI Revolution is real and it’s developing quickly and we are on top of it all. Tesla TSLA, Google GOOG, Intel INTC, Nvidia NVDA, Cloudflare NET, and Snow SNOW remain our favorite AI Revolution stocks. But we are working on others all the time too. So stay tuned for much more AI content, ideas and analysis in coming weeks and months…and years.