The Power of Doctor Octopus: On Fusion-IO and Marvell

“The only lights I’ve seen so far are fireflies” – Spiderman

Well, well, well, things have gotten very interesting as the day has worn on, haven’t they? FIO, for example, is up nearly 15% intraday and I continue to think that is looking like a very good long-term play there.

Meanwhile the markets are trying to get jiggy and there’s a general, broad lift out there. I’m trimming down most of my Marvell common stock. The company reports Thursday and while I’m not expecting anything disastrous, I’m not liking the fact that Marvell sells a bunch of stuff to hard drive companies that have been terrible disrupted by weather in Asia and continue to be off line.  Remember that our main reason for the Marvell buy was that it was a very cheap way to play the Xbox Kinect growth, and while that Kinect will continue to likely be very important to Microsoft and Marvell in the long-run, I’m not sure this is the quarter to be in there. I’ve still got some Marvell calls that I’ll probably just let ride through the earnings report, but I am taking advantage of the recent nice rally in Marvell and locking in some gains.

And yes, raising more cash.

Spider-Man – The Power of Doctor Octopus