Thoughts on the “Are we in a tech bubble” question

With the Nasdaq now at 11-year highs, highs it hasn’t seen since the good ol’ dot com bubble days of late 2000, it’s time to revisit the question that everybody’s asking once again, “Are we in a new tech bubble?”

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Remember how we debated everybody who said we were already in a tech bubble over and over last year? And the year before? They were wrong.

Anyway, we have indeed headed into new all-time highs in the tech stock market. And many of those App Revolution stocks, including my long-time favorite since $7 a share, Apple AAPL is both up huge from where it was. Indeed, I’m still looking for a $1500 by 2015 price target for Apple as the App Revolution moves from the smartphone to the game console and TV set top box and TV computer and…you get the idea.

I don’t care if we’re in a tech bubble when it comes to my favorite app and tech stocks like Apple. I think Apple’s likely headed much higher in coming months, quarters and years. And I’ve got ideas on what the next Apple might be, as you guys know.

And, no, while I do think there’s a whole lot of great shorting opportunities already here in tech, I think there’s a whole lot bigger and better shorting opportunity coming in tech. That is, I still don’t think we’re quite in a tech bubble…yet. We’re closer and we’re obviously more “bubblicious” in a lot of tech names right now, including LNKD and ZNGA, I’d probably rather be a long even those names than a short in those names for the next few months if not for the next year or two.

My echo-techo bubble looks to be arriving on schedule, in other words. Stay the course. For now.