Today’s Links

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about when I wasn’t preparing to blow everybody’s mind by telling the audience that a lot of them are a bunch of leeches and bums living off government welfare at a big investment conference I’m at here in Phoenix, sponsored by the welfare bank, Goldman Sachs GS.  The Occupy people are the capitalists.  Investment bankers are the parasites, not the people living on foodstamps.

I used to tell people like Christina Romer and the other Republican/Democrat Regimers who love to give welfare to bankers, that they should make the Federal Reserve use food stamps as their currency for bailing these guys out. Let the JP Morgan JPM and GE traders’ wives try to buy their mink with food stamps since they can’t afford minks, much less be in business, without welfare.

Anyway, here’s what I was thinking about:

Plain talk from Bernanke – Ha, ha. Bernanke. Plain talk. Want to see some more “plain talk” from Bennie? In Seven years at the Fed: Bernanke in his own words, you can see him say such things as ““Since the inflation crisis of the 1970s, The Federal Reserve has consistently pursued the goal of price stability in the United States, and not too long ago, something remarkable happened: The goal was achieved.”  That was back in 2003. He had it ALL figured out back then. Somebody needs to clean house at the Fed and the Treasury. Lil’ Timmy Geithner and Big Ben Bernanke are either completely corrupt or completely incompetent and maybe both.

Alan Grayson on GAO Report on the Fed – Some more truth for you.

Silver’s big picture outlook – Silver’s been treading in the mid to low $30s for a long time now, and it’s starting to set itself and traders up for a wild ride — it’s about to make a huge move up or down. Maybe time to buy both calls and puts on SLV or some other way to play spiking volatility for the metal.

How I Operate and What I think and Marcin’s Markets Diary – I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve landed Robert Marcin on Talk about an All-Star — I first started following Robert back in the late 1990s after reading a profile on him, his stock picks and his track record in Barron’s. In the years since, I’ve gotten to know Robert, and he’s exactly who you think he is — smart, analytical, cutthroat and incredibly insightful. Challenging sometimes too.  Wonder what he’s doing with Hewlett-Packard HPQ now. His STX call has been a huge money maker lately too.  He’s off to a running start on the site already with lots of important economic, markets and portfolio strategy commentary today.Whatever else you do today, read some Marcin and learn.

Gary Smith’s Market Take For Today, Dec 5, 2011 – Another big-name on, and Gary’s had one helluva a hot hand lately in his daily notes.  Today includes nuggets like: “I took off some trading hedges on the open and just put them back in place. I am still positioned 75% net long.”

And finally, Money, Banking and the Federal ReserveSome great insights and facts about the Federal Reserve and what it is doing to you and your portfolio.  From, Wall Street All-Stars Video, the most extensive financial news video library on the Net. Search our library for classic economist interviews, politician speeches and debates and old news clips.