Today’s Must-Reads

Don’t forget to come to at 2pm to meet me for this week’s live anything-goes Q&A. Here’s what I was reading and thinking about when I wasn’t trying unsuccessfully to get my dog out of his bed before the sun was up this morning. He literally looked up at me and gave me a look like I was nuts and then rolled over and stuck his head under the dresser with a paw over both eyes instead.

Can RIMM stay relevant? – Jay Somaney discusses with his readers his concerns about whether RIMM can turn things around early enough to stay relevant, much less thrive again.  And he’s long RIMM calls. Plus, what he thinks is keeping Yahoo! YHOO from being taken out asap.

Debt Concerns Flare Up in Italy and Greece: The Debtor that Roared – I’m pretty sure that the next big catalyst will not be Greece.  Everybody’s already too focused on that issue.  Italy though? Maybe. I think the Occupy Movement is likely to become the next big market driver in the near-term. More on that in this week’s Revolution Investing newsletter too, which we’ll be republishing for free later today here in the Cody Word blog as a special preview of my “How to invest and trade through the global Occupy movement” series.

MF Global – rating agencies burned again – Interesting perspective from the author of “The Earnings Diary” about how the ratings agencies failed on the MF Global implosion. Of course, if there was a few hundred million dollars of impropriety going on at MF as has been widely reported, you can’t be too harsh on the ratings agencies for missing this one. Then again, I still can’t find a good reason not to short MHP and MCO. I think I’ll work on those two names tonight and let you guys know if and when I add them as shorts to the Revolution Investing model portfolio.

Platinum may be a better bet than gold – Sure haven’t been hearing much about gold lately.  Used to be everybody everywhere talked about gold. Lots of gold bugs have been abandoning the yellow metal for other classes of precious metal, including Gerald Celente in this video. Maybe a time for a pair trade in the precious metal area — but the question is, do you go contrarian (buy GLD, short other metals) or go with the experts who have been right and are now changing their stance a bit (short GLD, buy other metals)? I’m still on the sidelines waiting for the right entry for my next metals trade.

Fed Debates How to Clarify Strategy – Oh, those meta-meta-jokesters at the Federal Reserve are playing again. I mean, the Fed apparently needs a strategy to debate how their strategy about how best to clarify their strategy??  I’m sure glad these guys are in charge of fixing our economy! Sigh. video library – And finally, check out one of the new features I designed, developed and built for one of my latest projects — the video library where you can search our extensive database of classic economist interviews, politician speeches and debates, old news clips, and educational lectures about trading, markets, options and more from Harvard, Yale, MIT and other top universities (ex: “Ayn Rand” or “Apple Commercial” or “Steve Jobs presentation” or “Trading Lecture Harvard”, etc).