Today’s must-see: Rebecca Diamond returns to interview Gerald Celente

My dear ex-co-anchor from my Fox days, Rebecca “Gogo” Diamond, sent me the link to her return to the news industry last night — a sit-down 15 minute one-on-one interview with the one and only Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal and one of the greatest futurists in the world. I remember vividly when I first met Gerald while Rebecca and I were interviewing him on Fox and his bold predictions combined with his blunt honesty about today’s political realities, blew my mind then. The fact that he has been right about how almost everything in this economy and political world has played out over the four years since I first met him only compounded my respect for him.

So watch what Gerald tells Rebecca about what’s happening now and what’s going to happen next. He starts off talking about how the people protesting Occupy Wall Street are probably lean more towards capitalism than the bankers who go bailed out (something that I had no idea he agreed with since I haven’t talked to him since the #OWS protests started).

I tend to agree with a whole lot of how Gerald is seeing both the current trends as well as where these trends are likely to take us in coming years. He and I have talked often over the last four years and the biggest difference in how we see the future is one of timing. I think the can has been kicked down the road and that the current policies of the Republican/Democrat regime is likely to further create yet another new round of asset bubbles before we truly crash again. I’m sticking with investments like Google and Corning and trades like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs partly because another bubble looks so likely to me. But I’m also short Wells Fargo and LPS and long an inflation hedge of two like the DBA.

But whether you agree with Gerald or not, isn’t the point. The point is that this guy’s giving us a fresh, honest perspective about both what’s happening now and what is going to happen in the future.

I didn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t get Gerald’s predictions out of my head. Watch the video.

The Gerald Celente interview: #OccupyWallStreet, who will be our next President, and lots of new predictions

Oh, and welcome back my old friend, Rebeccca “Gogo” Diamond! I missed you and it’s great to be back in the trenches with you once again.