Today’s Revolution Investing links

Here’s what every Revolution Investor should be reading this morning.

The Odd Facebook Halo – Jordan writes: “I find it a bit confusing why today, after Facebook has filed its S1, that all of the other publicly traded social networking stocks would be trading so much higher. Look at ZNGA, LNKD, GRPN, etc. and you see big gains in all of them. I find the action odd.” I think there are going to be some great shorts/puts trades to put on in the non-Facebook names as the Facebook Halo fades. Probably gotta let it come public first though.

We Eat Dollar Weighted Returns – David Merkel’s dry humor and sense of logic the best.

Entering the Intervention Zone – Bruce sure can stir up the worries.

Jordan Kahn’s “Get Mental” Investor Psyche Diary – Jordan’s had a hot hand of late and he’s got some new names he’s buying for his investors as he’s writing about it for subscribers.

January Employment Report Preview – If you follow the broader economy at all, you need to be reading Jeff Miller’s every word every day.

Has the bull hit the wall? John Nyaradi is getting bearish. I’ll take the other side for now on that logic. How to trade the market as it’s about to break out.

Yet More Mortgage Settlement Lies: Release Looks Broad, Not Narrow; Other States Screwed to Bribe California to Join – More welfare for the financial industrial complex and its derivative businesses. Why should any bank be released from repeated fraud? When will the regulators and our supposed protectors actually prosecute crime at the too big too fail banks like JPM, Goldman and Wells Fargo?  See my old article: An illustrated century of big scams and little settlements at BofA, JPM, WFC and so on or see my old article Hey Goldman, JPM, etc: here’s why we’re so outraged about your Wall Street welfare bonuses. Decades of fraud settlements that are nothing more than financial penalties which are then paid for with bank bailout/welfare/Fed funds anyway. Justice? Ha! Here’s the Republican/Democrat version of financial justice: Quelle Surprise! Feds Dust off Old Rogue Traders CDO Case to Burnish “Tough on Mortgage Crime” Credentials.

Space Liability Limits Touted – More welfare for the military industrial complex and its derivative businesses. Just how much is a complete immunity from liability worth to billionaire Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic corporation? Why am I as a taxpayer in NM footing the insurance bill for these investors? Texas and other states have welfare insurance programs in place for investors in space flight? Fine by me. Good riddance. Let them go live off some other taxpayer’s tab. Let space investors use taxpayer funds to build their business on welfare from some other poor state taxpayer suckers.

Cody Willard writes Revolution Investing for MarketWatch and posts the trades from his personal account at At time of publication, Cody was net long Apple and Google and starting to buy Sandisk calls.