Today’s Revolution Investing links

Here’s what I was thinking about this morning when I wasn’t speaking to the Ruidoso Middle School gifted class about how the reason there is no grass on their playground is because the Republican/Democrat Regime spent $12 trillion bailing out Wall Street and now has to cut trillions everywhere they can to pay for it. Not joking, it’s correlated.  Anyway, here are today’s links:

Cashing in on Volatility – Jeff Miller with three good strategy ideas for long-term investors.  From the article: “

On a theoretical basis, everyone knows to buy when others are fearful, to be contrarian, to avoid panic. On a practical basis, hardly anyone has the discipline and courage to act.” 

Betting Against Wynn Resorts as China Hedge – Huge money-making call by my friend, Steve Birenberg, in this column from yesterday.  I always like a deceivingly easy hedge, and Steve uses WYNN as a hedge to both his China and DirecTV long positions.  With WYNN down nearly 10% the day after highlighting that short, he’s doing something right.

The New Amazon Kindle – Commentary about the Amazon’s new tablet from my favorite tech trader with a couple “must own” stock picks for this earnings season.

Mortgage rate at record low  – Benchmark U.S. 30-year home-loan rate hits a record low just a hair’s breadth atop the 4% mark.  Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of New York must be thrilled that they can offer mortgages to customers at such low rates! What? You say they aren’t giving out any mortgages? It’s impossible to get a mortgage, much less one at a “record low” rate at JP Morgan and the other TBTF banks? My question — what does the “Mortgage rate at record low” do for anybody in this economy?  What a waste of time, money and energy by the Republican/Democrat Regime.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. up 4.55%; Stocks surge in U.S – Speaking of banks, readers of this blog know how profitable being short these financials has been this year, and while I continue to think that these  TBTF banks would actually be insolvent without the ongoing trillion dollar welfare bank programs and the fake-but-legal-in-21st-century-US balance sheet figures, it’s not like any of that is going to change tomorrow.  Indeed, in this Republican/Democrat Regime’s current Administration, which is just as owned by big banks as the previous ones, they’re likely to help these TBTF banks in particular if there are any further EU or other credit crisis that pop up.  I’ve got huge profits in my Wells Fargo and LPS short positions, and I’m now looking to buy a couple bank stocks to get some hedge there along with some bank upside exposure.

Principles of economics, translated – Another hilarious video from the video library, this one taking aim at the same economics text book they taught me out of in college.  If you’ve ever studied economics at all, watch this video and laugh.