Top 10 Best Apple Commercials of All Time

With Steve Jobs’ passing, I first want to extend prayers and condolences to his family and loved ones. I also wanted to pause for a moment to reflect on some of his and his greatest company’s greatest hits.  I personally want to thank Steve Jobs and the crew at Apple for helping me in my career.

I often tell people in an interview when they ask me about Apple and how I bought it at and told my subscribers to buy it at $7 back in March 20003 that without that call, I’m not sure I’d even be in the studio with them. Apple’s wild success and the ride it took me and my investors and my readers on helped build my entire career and even in this column, that continues to this day.  Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Two other notes about Steve Jobs that came into my mind as I reflected upon him and my relationship with him as such a long-term investor in Apple.  The first being that Steve Jobs, while passing on nearly $3 billion in Apple stock to whomever he’s left it all to, would have left them nearly $15 billion had he not traded in his stake for a slightly smaller stake with lower strike prices back in 2003 when I was buying the stock.

And that leads me to the one issue I always had with Steve Jobs and the Apple board, that of backdating Steve’s and other executives’ options prices without telling me and the other shareholders after they’d made that share/option switch that they did tell us about. This is not the time nor the place for that though.

Like most analysts I’m reading, this sad ending to the stewardship and chairmanship of Steve Jobs at Apple doesn’t change my overall stance or bullishness for the stock.  I’m holding my Apple steady.  That said, I was probably looking to add to my position before earnings this quarter and I don’t think the risk/reward there feels quite right any more, so unless the stock drops dramatically from its current levels, I’m an Apple holder for now.

And without further ado, here’s the Top 10 Best Apple Commercials of All Time.  To watch the Top 10 Best Steve Jobs Presentations of All Time, please click here.

Share your favorite Steve Jobs and Apple memories in the comments section below. God bless.

Apple Power Macintosh Ad – The future

Kevin Costner in Apple ad

Short forgotten apple lisa ad.

Classic Apple Macintosh Commercial – “Mac vs Ordinary PC”

Apple Ipod Classic commercial – Apple Ipod Commercial get the 7th generation Ipod Classic 160gb

Apple Quadra Ad – Cool old Macintosh Quadra Ad.

Classic Apple Commercial – The Intel Snail – Controversial Apple TV Add comparing the Intel Pentium II processor to a snail when compared to the “new” G3 processor.

Apple Macintosh Ad – Dinosaurs – “THEY have a mac…”

Apple Powerbook Classic Commercial 1993

Appeared during the first commercial break for the final episode of Cheers, dated May 20, 1993. In a roadside diner, two kvetching businessmen agonize over the operation of their PC laptop.

Apple IIgs ad – the solution

Apple IIc ad – nightmare – Hope you remembered your history final!