Trade Updates

It’s a rally day and the markets are trying to kick out of their recent range by breaking to the upside it seems. For now.

And that’s got the VIX down today. For now. Meanwhile, Google’s down fractionally after having started the day with a pop.  Technically speaking, if this stock fades further as the day wears on and/or closes ugly, we’ll likely see the short doubling down on this thing and driving it lower still. Easy does it now that we added yesterday and we want to let the stock move lower before adding another tranche.

Mea culpa on both of those trades from yesterday for now, although I certainly wasn’t expecting an overnight homerun on these, as you know.

On the other hand, I’m selling 1/3 of my Nuance calls that I’ve had here for many months now. I paid 45 cents for them and am selling them for 10x that amount today. These calls expire in January, so before long here I’ll need to either roll these over or let them exercise. Back in a bit.