We were in the green on six positions today…

We were in the green on six positions today…each and every one of our shorts made us money on the day and each and every one of our longs lost us money on the day.  That’s why we hedge, that’s why we have both longs and shorts and calls and puts — because sometimes it truly is a stock market and not just a market of stocks.  Today the overall selling pressure was intense in the broader markets and such was the case in nearly all of our positions too.

Another day of big selling pressure like this and I’ll be an aggressive buyer once again.  Not yet though.  We gotta let the pitches come.

One member emailed me asking for the symbol for Visteon — it’s VC (which, as it also usually stands for “venture capital”, is a rather stupid symbol for an old world auto supplier like Visteon…but whatever, we don’t invest on style points).

And speaking of emails from subscribers, I’m going to try to answer a bunch of your emails and questions from recent weeks.  I apologize that I don’t reply to each and every one, but I literally have 20,611 unread messages in my inbox, and I do my best, but I don’t think I’ll ever truly get to each of them.

Thanks for subscribing and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.