What do YOU need to know to become a better investor?

The one thing that’s clear to me from emails and questions in the chat is that subscribers to TradingWithCody.com need more understanding of the fundamentals of the stock market, the terms of trading, and the reasons why we buy common stock, buy options like calls or puts, short common stock, short options like calls or puts and so on.

So even as we prepare to publish a brand new report called “The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Stocks with Fundamentally Broken Business Models” that we’ll be sending out to you this week, I realized this weekend that we need to create a book that explains EVERYTHING that you need to know as a trader, including definitions, explanations and examples withs screen shots of actual trades and what not.

Here’s what I need from you guys — send us the questions that you think we need to answer in our upcoming new book: “TradingWithCody’s Everything Every Investor Needs to Know” and I’ll include as many of them as we can in the book.

Thanks and stay tuned.