You almost lost your mind…

You said you were hurting, You almost lost your mind
Now the man you love, he hurts you all the time
but when things go wrong, go wrong with you
It hurts me too  — Elmore James

And the Nasdaq is now up more than 3% on the day as the rally continues.  The bears will point to the low volume out there today.  I see that too. And I’d rather we have rallied say 1% most of the day and close nearly up 2%.  On the other hand, the DJIA and S&P are both rallying in nice fashion for the bulls though.

Were you disciplined in your approach last week when others were panicked and forcing the sells?  Stay disciplined now.  Trim a little if you need to.  Take some profits and catch your breath.  I’m holding my positions steady for now, but that’s a reflection of my own psychological ability to handle risk/reward and a reflection of the positioning I’ve set up in my portfolio.  Nothing wrong with taking some profits if you had the guts to buy or even hang on last week when it hurt.